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A curtain wall is a non-structural outer covering of a building. Since it is non-structural, there is the ability to create it out of lightweight materials. By doing so, this outer covering can help to reduce construction costs.

There is a common method called “glazing” which safely creates the curtain wall out of glass and enables the glass to be used safely in large, uninterrupted areas of a building. In the end, this creates consistent, attractive facades that can elevate the look of any building or commercial property.

There is a great variety of glass products available today which allows architects and designers to control every aspect of aesthetics and performance when installing curtain glass walls. These aspects include thermal and solar control, sound and security, as well as color, light and glare.

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About Curtain Wall Glass

The textbook definition of curtain wall glass reads as followed: it is a lightweight aluminum-framed facade that houses glass or metal panels. These glazing systems do not support the weight of a roof or floor. Instead, gravity loads and wind resistance transfer from the surface to the building’s floor line.

When it comes to the installation, curtain walls are often part of a building envelope or comprise one part of a wall system. During the installation of a curtain wall glass, each glazing system requires careful integration with other adjacent structural elements such as wall claddings, roofs, and wall details. In general, curtain wall systems range from standard prefabricated systems to specialized custom wall units. For the installation of curtain wall glass, the bigger the project the higher the cost.

Curtain wall glass within aluminum framed systems are a hallmark of modern architecture in the United States, with usage dating back to the 1930’s. And installation of curtain wall glass expanding as a cheaper option not only for commercial buildings and offices, but for homes as well. All work that can be done by a window glazier like us. Get a reliable professional on your side today to help with a future project.

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Glass Curtain Wall System Types

Three Common Types of Glass Curtain Wall Systems

Here are three common types of glass curtain wall systems available. Get in touch with us to learn more about these systems and what is right for your situation.


Pressure-Equalized rain screen systems are the best if you need a system to resist air and water infiltration. With this type of curtain glass wall system, the gasket surrounds the face of the glass and creates a pressure equalized chamber that forms an airtight barrier. The outside face of the glass and any accompanying exterior glazing materials with the aluminum framing creates a rain screen and blocks water. On top of that, they also do a nice job of transferring wind loads.


A water-managed system incorporates drains and weeps into it and are designed to resist water infiltration. However, they make no effort to create an air barrier or zone-glaze. What this means is that a larger amount of water is forced into the system and needs to be weeped away. Since no air barrier exists, the pressure differential between the glazing pocket and the interior may be strong enough to force water vertically higher than any interior gaskets which can result in leaks.


A face-sealed system requires continuous and perfect seals between each glass unit, its frame, and between all of the other frame members. The long-term durability of these seals in ultimately minimal. Patching and repairs a face-seal curtain glass wall system may require glazing tape in order to complete.

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